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Koelhuis Kraakman . . Eendrachtstraat 2 . . 1531 DV Wormer . . tel 0031 75 6425775


The corebusiness of Koelhuis Kraakman is public warehousing.
This is a warehouse in Wormer, North-Holland near Amsterdam and Zaandam.
Cold storage and normal storage is possible.
There is a about 2000 square meters available, this is about 17000 cubic meter.
Including inside dry loading and unloading space.
Our storage capacity is over 4100 europallets, in four cold stores.
A small storage can go to - 5 C and has a maximum capacitiy of 6 europallets.
Two reachtrucks with a capacity of 1600 kg at 6,5 meter, including one or two of the owners, an electric handpallettruck and two normal handpallettruck are available.

The relative small scale warehousing insures great care and involvement with your stored products.

one of our reachtrucks


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